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The Historical Park Day, now a traditional event conceived and promoted by Paola Ferrario, curator of the Villa Litta Nymphaeum Museum, which aims to enhance the historical botanical heritage, will this year focus on the old greenhouses.

In collaboration with the Associazione Lombarda Amatori Orchidee APS (Lombard Orchid Lovers' Association), on Sunday 24 October, the ALAO Collection will be presented: a vast variety of orchids consisting of hybrids and prized species in the Serra Liberty.
Thanks to the recent agreement for the management of these particular plants between the Municipality and the Associazione Lombarda Amatori Orchidee, to the acquisition of a collection of orchids by the same association of national importance in terms of quantity and variety of plants, as well as the species present, and the consequent decision to place them in the Art Nouveau greenhouses of the Park, Villa Litta can boast of showing a New Wonder. Passionate members will show us the different varieties and explain the major differences and blooms.
And then we will be able to admire the park and its colourful foliage: the extraordinary beauty of our century-old Ginko biloba (one of the first four introduced in Italy, from the Botanical Garden of Padua), the majesty of the magnolias, the uniqueness of the Carpinus Gallery, the largest plant architecture in Europe. A park that was awarded the prize for the most beautiful public park in Italy in 2016, and which contains the magical Nymphaeum.

9.30 a.m. - 1 p.m. - Third exhibition of the original LINDENIA from the 19th century in the halls of the villa.
"Lindenia. Iconographie des Orchidées" , 17 rare volumes of considerable cultural, as well as historical, importance, kept in the museum of the Villa and part of the collection of typographical works.

10.00 a.m. - Inauguration of the Alao Collection in the Art Nouveau greenhouses and special reopening of the Orchid greenhouses in the presence of the authorities.
Meeting at the greenhouses

10.30 a.m. - 1 p.m. - Guided tours of the Art Nouveau greenhouses at Villa Litta to admire the ALAO collection - admission by groups. >
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10.45 a.m. - "Big trees for little explorers", Botanical treasure hunt and quiz.
Recommended age 6-10 years
As part of the Historic Park Day, an activity for children to discover, through quizzes and riddles, the tree heritage of the historic park of Villa Litta.
Ticket € 5,00
Admission upon reservation - tel. 029374282

11.30 - 13.00 - Orchid cultivation course - basic (or practical repotting workshop depending on weather conditions)
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Visits to the Nymphaeum (extra charge)
15.00-18.00 | Guided tours of the Nymphaeum with the Friends of Villa Litta
Reservation required

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