Villa Litta Lainate

FAQ 2023


What are the opening days and times?
All the information is available on the webpage opening times

What is the entry price?
All the information is available on the webpage ticket prices

How long does the tour last?
The duration is approximately 1.30 h for the tour "Passeggiando per i tesori di Villa Litta" and 45 minutes for the Palaces. Visiting the entire complex would require roughly 2h. The tours “Ninfeo Hour: l’Appetito vien visitando” and "Notturni al Ninfeo" allow a maximum permanence within the Nymphaeum of 1h.

Can I select a time for the guided tour of the Nymphaeum and water features?
While buying tickets online, the user will be asked to select a time for their tour. Reservations are subject to availability.

Is booking required?
Access to the complex is subject to quotas and availability. Furthermore, access is only allowed with reservation, including categories that are granted free access.

Are tours guaranteed In the event of bad weather?
Yes, tours mostly take place indoors, therefore they are not suspended in the event of bad weather.

Is it possible to visit the Villa without a guide?
All the information is available on the webpage opening times

Is it possible to visit only the Palaces?
Yes, on Sunday afternoon.

Is there a reserved parking space?
No, a reserved parking space is not available. Parking spaces are easily found in the proximity of the Villa.

Are dogs allowed into the Villa?
Dogs are not allowed in any space within the villa, nor are they allowed in the Historical Parc.

How should I dress?
Due to the presence of water features, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing and/or a waterproof jacket. Bathing suits are not allowed.

Are photos allowed inside the monumental complex?
Yes, taking photos is allowed. We recommend paying attention to electronic devices around water features.

Are drones allowed?
Drones are only allowed prior authorization, outside the area of the Historical Parc.

Is the tour suitable for children?
Yes, the tour is amusing and enjoyable, children are usually amazed by the water features. Tours of the Palaces, however short, may feel more tiresome to children.

Is the Villa accessible to disabled people?
The Villa is almost entirely accessible. Steps are covered with mobile platforms and are also bypassed via the lateral lawn. Gravel in the alleys may pose difficulties to unaccompanied visitors. Lifts are present with the Palaces, which are therefore completely accessible. Conservatories are only accessible on the ground level, since the cellar is not accessible on a wheelchair.